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Whats slowing my Network Down

Have Installed a new Server for Sql databases with SSD Drives and plenty of Ram but users still saying the software is slow and want me to check the network. Most PCs are running at 1Gb but some are connected via older VOIP phones so running at 100 but the problem is on the 1 Gb and the 100 connected PCs. Network has 36 PCs and same amount of phones, phones are configured to use a different gateway as have one Internet Connection for phones and one for the PCs. Is there software you can recommend to look at the Network traffic or is there something else I should be looking at. There are 2 Servers, one for Exchange E Mails and one for 2 SQL Databases, both on the same Domain, Exchange Server is Windows Server Standard 2016 and Domain Controller and the SQL Server is Windows Server Standard 2019 and SQL Server Express 2019. Plenty of memory available on the SQL Server but disk usage High.
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How SQL databases have been been migrated to the new server?

Do you recreate all indexes on tables in the new databases?
High disk usage can mean that all needed tables must be read for each query.
Have you looked into the requirements for the software to see what sort of configuration is required and what steps can be taken to optimize performance? Chances are that it may have been configured improperly and this is causing degraded performance.
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Hi, yes it was a backup and restore in SQL Management studio. I didn't actually do it, it is another providers software.
"disk usage High "
If you look at Performance Monitor you can see what program or service is making the disk work hard.  That's a good first step.

Is it just SQL work that is slow or do files copy to or from the server slowly, too?

Hi Tuxx, the server is way above the required specification thats why I think it maybe some other traffic on the Network
Can you confirm if the network is slow for other purposes by running some large file transfers between machines? This will act similarly to a speedtest, you can see what speed and fluctuation you have. Also, check the user PC's that the software is running on to see if their individual links are being saturated by that or other causes.

It's also not just a matter of the server being above spec, improperly configured software/databases can run slowly.
Copy is 10mbps from a local PC thats connected at 100 or 1000 Mbps, I presume this should be a lot quicker?
tried copying files from a client to both servers and both are max of 10 mbps so looks like switches or cabling, that sound right? Or maybe something else?
"10 mbps ": yes, it should be faster.  Are you sure it's Mbps (mega bits per second) and not MBps (mega bytes per second)?

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Moved the software to another device as recommended