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AMcore content not updating when using ePO (Mcafee)

We recently updated from ePO 5.3 to 5.10 U10. When we updated, we added a product deployment for ENS 10.7 (endoint platform and threat protection). The agents on the client workstations download and install the products with no issues. However, when the agent tries to install the AMcore content, it fails to update to 4499 (it stays at 0.5). It looks to download the file(s) file but doesn't install it. When i look at the logs I see this:

"2021-07-17 04:31:53.129 masvc(3096.3544) msgbus.Error: Failed to write data on pipe name <\\.\pipe\ma_5bd9fa52-9d71-e8fd-20b0-306ab91d3db1_3096.0000000001D3F6A0_3193380624_000000000217B8F0>
2021-07-17 04:31:53.129 masvc(3096.3544) msgbus.Error: UV write failed - uv error <36> <broken pipe> "

when i search that error i dont see much other than to make sure the security groups for mcafee have full control of the logs and msgbus folders (which they do).

I downloaded the V3 DATs from the mcafee website and installed it manually and it works. SO i am not sure what I am missing as to why from the agent it wont install but manually it will.

We have support and I am going to give McAfee a call on monday but wanted to ask here just in case anyone has seen this issue and might have a fix.

Thank you 
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