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.Net 4.8 setup - Cannot find Object or Property


We need to update an Exchange 2016 server from CU20 to CU21.

One of the pre-requisites is having .Net 4.8 installed.

There's currently .Net 4.6 on it (is it perhaps worth trying to update without .Net 4.8?).

Running either the offline or the web installer for .Net 4.8, both failing with "Cannot find Object or Property".

When clicking the log file it shows "Exe (E:\0aa3b158c56bee1bdda09f\x64-Windows10.0-KB4486129-x64.cab) failed with 0x80092004 - Cannot find object or property. ."

The file it claims it can't find actually is present at the alleged path.

Attaching a screenshot.

We'd like to have the security update done soon, please help

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