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Adding HP Printers to the network

We have recently upgraded from Windows server 2008 R2 to Windows server 2019. We have several HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 printers currently deployed but there is apparently no 64 bit driver for this printer. Is there a driver I can use or is there a workaround for this.

Thank you.


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Check the HP website, there are Windoze 10 64 bit drivers for it. Besides that, Windoze these days can find many drivers automatically through Windoze Update.
It appears that the driver that you need is right here:

You shouldn't have an issue getting it installed and deployed.
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You may be out of luck here

The 64bit driver Andrew links to is for Server 2016 but is reported as not working in 2019 :(

It's not officially supported by HP's UPD either, but given the alternative is you can't use it at all it might be worth a shot adding the UPD as the 8730 and 8740 AIOs are fully supported for printing.

Looking forward to being proved wrong but feeling pessimistic here
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The driver Andrew mentioned is the driver I had already tried with no success,

Not sure what you mean by "adding the UPD as the 8730 and 8740." I downloaded both drivers but get the same error as with the 8720.
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