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Access app running slower through remote desktop

Hi all,
One of my clients had all their data on their server encrypted by ransomware, and so a new server has been built and I've been asked to recreate the system on this new server.

New server built, and a trial version of Office 2019 has been installed.

I recreated everything was needed (there was a lot) and was able to get everything up and running. However...

The main Access Application is running noticeably slower than it does on my machine, which is also  Office 2019.

I'm unfortunately in a debate with the tech consultant where he's claiming "I guess you gotta rebuild your app for Office 2019". This is his constant answer. He keeps claiming it's a compatibility issue, even though I have the same version of Access on my computer where it runs fine.

Does anyone have any ideas where to look at what might be causing speed issues on the server? The server is Windows 2016. When this consulting group installed the software last time, it had to be downgraded to Office 2010 to avoid the speed issue thing. But I would rather not do that as MS is no longer supporting Office 2010.

I know this is vague, but any ideas on where to look would be helpful.

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David Bernstein
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Are you using the same ODBC/DSN settings that you were using on the old server?
I suppose that you could run the Access app in compatibility mode and see if it produces the same slowness.
  • What else is installed, an AV software or security scanner? Try using ProcMon to see if there's anything running alongside of it.
  • Ensure Updates W10 are completed 
I use RDP for a client; It works well with no speed issues.
Check your tables. perhaps an index was deleted in the conversion process?
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Hi all, thanks for your input. The database is split into front end / back end, but the back end is an .mdb file. The FE is an .accdb file. I don't think that qualifies as odbc, correct?

Jazz, I will try to relay this to the tech consultants. But they're hard pressed to hear anything at this point. Still I'll try.
David, I agree. I have other clients using an RDP client and don't have the same issues. I'll check stuff on the back end tables and let you guys know what I find.

Thanks again, and let me know if you have any other suggestions.
mdb, accdb no problem.
Do a speed test on the remote server.

I reckon that by now you have found a solution but if not working on eliminating its the definite solution.
If its viable take an image of your server...clean wipe Office 2019 and install Office 2010 just to check if using an older version does speeds things up...
If its not viable build another machine just for testing (VM) and try both scenario...
Each version does come with its own minor quirks but their are usual minor ... unless you either hit some "sweet spot" or in the older installation some registry trickery was involved
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There should be no problem with proformance in a remote desktop environment for one person. Check to make sure you have enough memory. If it's a VM, make sure the minimum reserved is sufficient. Hope this helps. 
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It would be helpful to know what setting was changed
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