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Converting to MS365 - Oversized Ex2007 mailboxes - How to truncate?


I am moving our Exchange 2007 to MS365.  I have about 8 (out of 300) mailboxes larger than the 100gb limit for E3.  In addition the consultants doing the migration have indicated that their max is 92gb (because of overhead).

I can export the mailboxes via PowerShell export-mailbox and I see that it has a date range parameter that will let me export only older info.  

BUT how do I trim the older item from  the exchange server mailbox - is there and option in export-mailbox to remove items? I'm not seeing it.

Is there a better approach?  A third party app?  

Also,  I need the items to disappear immediately - can setting the retention policy to 0 achieve that?

Aloha from Hawaii!!

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