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Why wont windows 10 see Windows 7 computer and vice versa?

I have two computers, one a windows 10 and one a windows 7.   The windows 10 and windows 7 cannot see each other even though they are both on "private network" and can ping each other via IP and computer name?   They are both listed under Workgroup
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Make sure "Turn on network discovery" and "file and printer sharing" are on
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Amir they are both set up to Network Discovery and  File Sharing
Ok, then check if SMB1 is enabled on both PCs.

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It usually takes time for the other PC's to get found. This method also is more luck than usable, sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. If you want to connect to the other PC, just open Explorer & enter \\IP-Of-Other-PC, & you should see the shares of that other PC. Besides that, Windoze 10 uses a newer, stricter version of the SMB protocol. In order to allow Windoze 10 to use the older protocol, open the Control Panel, "Programs & Features", "Turn Windows Features on or off". Then look for SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support.
Here you can now enable the client &/or Server for SMB 1.0, which should be compatible to Windoze 7.
Rindi.  I did enable them on the Windows 10 computer and rebooted, and now I can see the Windows 7 computer and it's shared folders.  But when I click on the shared folders it tells me that Windows cannot access them even though I can access them from another Windows 7 computer.  

Bottom Line is Windows 10 can see the Windows 7 computer and vice versa and their shares but cannot access the shares even though Everyone has full Control.
Sorry Rindi.   I saw the Windows 7 computer from the Windows 10, but when I closed explorer and reopened it the Windows 7 computer was gone.
You'll also have to make sure the same user accounts exist on all PC's. There can also be a difference between how things are setup between windoze home & pro versions. I only work with pro so I don't have to do with the very limited options of home. So anything that has to do with home versions of windoze is No-Go for me. Also, I think in windoze 7 there was something called "simple filesharing". Always make sure that is disabled, as it is anything but "simple".
"Everyone" is something that requires understanding.  Maybe this is obvious to you but if not:
Here's my understanding:
In a WORKGROUP, "Everyone" is a *LOCAL* group - meaning each User defined on that ONE computer.
In a DOMAIN, "Everyone" is a rather broad group including authenticated Users across the domain as well as Guest.

So, for a workgroup, to use "Everyone", it is common to create the share Users on each "fileserver": same Username / same Password.  So, for example if "fred" is a normal logon for one of the "client" computers then "fred" would be entered as a User on the fileserver computer.  Note that while "fred" may be an administrator on the client computer, there's no need for that on the fileserver computer - a standard User will do.

You mention "see" but that's not a very specific statement of observation.  
If you mean in the "Network" list in Windows File Explorer then there are a couple of things to say:
1) This list is deprecated and won't act like you may be used to.
2) But, If you "RUN"
\\[fileserver]\.... etc.
then you should see the fileserver contents if you have any access to it - presented in a separate window.
This is a different way to "see" the shares.
3) If you go to Services and set Function Discovery Resource Publication to Automatic then it may help keep the Windows File Explorer "Network" list viable.

They are both WIndows Pro     Simple Networking is also disabled.
i had the same problem with 2 Win 10 pro PC's

i followed ALL the instructions in this video & seems to have resolved the problem (until the next big Win 10 update, i imagine)

Windows 10 Can’t See Computers 💻 in the Local Network 🖧 How to Fix?

"Simple Networking"??
All pro is good.
The video that Paul Sauve' recommends is quite comprehensive!
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