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Lasso Select tool in Word should be there but just isn't.

I'm sure there is a simple explanation but having spent a few hours trawling the web I can't find it.  
I have a Microsoft Surface and was experimenting with annotating Word 2016 documents with the Surface pen (never done that before!).  Now I want to convert my scribble to text.  Great - use the Lasso Select tool then click the convert to text button.
This is where the problems start.
On the Draw Tab I do not have the Lasso Select icon or Convert to Text icons.  I go the the Customize Ribbon option and in the box on the right where my settings are, I see this.
User generated image
But my ribbon looks like this

User generated imageThere are lots of icons/submenus not there in the Tools section and the Lasso Select icon I specifically put in the Custom Group is greyed out even if there is drawn text on screen

What am I missing here???  It makes no difference whether the Surface is in tablet mode or not.


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Oops that should have been Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus
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I have a SurfaceGo too. I have not used that feature in a while and am not on 2019 Pro Plus currently, and tend to use GIMP's lasso or select tool or Inkscape for image editing and drawing when I'm not using my computer mouse for art on my other computers. I know it depends upon your device and version of Office. Can you see what happens in PowerPoint and Excel with the Lasso tool or is it greyed ou there too?

I have this Selector :Lasso" tool under the Draw tab for example in Office 365:

User generated image

Take a look at the Windows > 2019 > "Select part of an Ink..." section seems to mention just Excel and Powerpoint

Also, the Microsoft Community has discussed this a little and perhaps there are others out there:
You should be able to chat with Microsoft as well to verify whats happening or if this feature is available:
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Jazz, thanks for the input.  I think you may be right in that these features are not supported in Office 2019.  The strange thing as far as I'm concerned is that all these features are shown as available in the customize menu which suggested to me that they "should" be there and therefore I must be doing something wrong.

I have tried Excel and Powerpoint and the Lasso tool is indeed there, but there are no text conversion features to do anything with it.
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