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How to extract data from Excel

I have the following text stored in one cell in Excel:

<ns1:FieldOptionList xmlns:ns1="http://alerewellnessportal.com/xsds/UserManagement.xsd"> <OptionList> <OptionName>Employee</OptionName> <OptionValue>25</OptionValue> <SPOptionName>Empleado</SPOptionName> <SPOptionValue>25</SPOptionValue> </OptionList><OptionList> <OptionName>Spouse</OptionName> <OptionValue>11</OptionValue> <SPOptionName>Cónyuge</SPOptionName> <SPOptionValue>11</SPOptionValue> </OptionList> </ns1:FieldOptionList>

I need to extract whatever text is between <OptionName> and </OptionName> and separate each item with a comma. So, for the above text, I would get:

Employee, Spouse

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