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How do I get a sum of two returned rows in a Access query?

I am working in MS Access as my SQL knowledge is limited. When I pull Method of Payment I need the CASH and CHANGE to be returned as a SUM. In this example: CASH 312.89 and CHANGE 52.93 I would like it to just return the result as CASH = $259.96 along with all the other MOP's. I do not want to see the change line.

Is something like this possible? Thanks for any insight you can provide.

SELECT dds_Daily_MOP_Tb.Store_Number, dds_Daily_MOP_Tb.Operations_Day, dds_Daily_MOP_Tb.MOP, dds_Daily_MOP_Tb.MOP_Amount
FROM dds_Daily_MOP_Tb
WHERE (((dds_Daily_MOP_Tb.Store_Number)=2322) AND ((dds_Daily_MOP_Tb.Operations_Day)=Date()-1));

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