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Deleted files in One Drive - Unknown source

I have a user that has had similar files deleted 3 times in the past week in her OneDrive.  She has OneDrive installed on a PC at work and a Mac at home.  She primarily has been using the Mac.  One day last week, she told me that she received a message from OneDrive that several of her files were deleted.  Then we went into the folder in question and noticed it was shared.  We broke the shares so as to avoid the issue of whether other users deleted the files.  However, the files again were deleted.  Once we looked in her recycle bin, the deletions occurred from her....yet she didn't make the deletions.  She's tech savvy so there was no mistake on her part 3 times in a row.  She has MFA enabled and there really is no evidence of foul play so far.  Do any of you experts have any idea what could possibly be going on and what troubleshooting steps I can follow to find out what's going on?
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