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How to used VBA in MS ACCESS to change relink to linked table in EXCEL ?

I have a MS ACCESS single file (accdb) that is placed on a cloud storage. It is shared , and hence can be opened by different users. Each user have access to the same cloud , but the path of course is mapped different on each one's PC. The MS ACCESS file is linked with an EXCEL file for use of one (Linked Table).  When original user open ACCESS from their PC with original location, it works well. However, other users have to change the path and use the Relink button in (Linked Table Manager screen) each time they open ACCESS so they can adjust the path of the EXCEL. Is there a way to chage path of linked table by using VBA, so each time the MS ACCESS is started, it detects the path it is and ajusts the linked table accordingly ( both files ACCESS and EXCEL) are on same folder.
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The concept of having an Access application that is shared and opened by many people stored in a cloud cloud is a bad bad should encounter issues even if its of a single person usage.
The Access works in FE/BE up to LAN scenario... if you want to move it to the cloud then you have a FE that should/could be updated from some central point...the BE is another story.. this should BE some cloud "aware" Database engine like MSSQL,MySQL,Oracle, PostGre....etc
If you want to work in the cloud the only reliable solution is a RDS (Terminal server) running in the "cloud" and the users can access the application via RDP