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DR procedure for SQL server with log shipping and transaction replication setup


we are using bare metal to run SQL server and we are now trying to setup a DR procedure for it.

At this moment we are consider other solution, like convert the bare metal SQL server to VM and failover using SRM.

but before this we want to draft a DR procedure by just backup and restore system and user database from the bare metal SQL server to another SQL installed in other VM, however the existing SQL server has transactional replication and log shipping setup, how can we simply also BACKUP and restore both configuration to the DR SQL serve standalone box ?

using dbatools ?https://dbatools.io/ ?  from my past experience, backup and restore the SQL replication configuration is not going to work, right?

the PROD SQL server has one replication partner, which is the report server. So once backup and restore the PROD data to the DR SQL server, the replication and log shipping should work again.

any suggest what can we do on this kind of DR solution.

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