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Using Puppeteer to Interact with MyVue.com Quick Book Bar

Lately I've been spending time with puppeteer to interact with websites programatically.  

Check out myvue.com and try to interact with the quick book bar.  I'd like to iterate over each dropdown list - select one, updates the second, etc.  

I'd like to be able to go through all venues, all movies, all dates, all times.

I'm quite new to puppeteer (less than a week) so this would be very helpful to learn from.
Thank you!
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forgive me but, I'm good a building APIs and other web technologies, but I am not clear on what you mean (how to get started with your suggestion).  I don't see anything appearing in the consolve when I select or do anything.

However, some things Odeon has made very difficult.  My first scraper I was using, I learned that it was forbidded and would not even serve my page without passing through a captcha check.  ...that's when/how I found puppeteer.

These newer more complex websites (and web scraping in genreal) are new to me.  Crazy for me to remember that my step dad developed the first HTML editor, back in 1993!  I'm getting old.  lol
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I went to odeon.co.uk > dev tools > xhr tab and found the filtered listof XMLHTTPRequests.
However, there is nothing to be returned.

I went to myview.com and tried similar.    It was helpful, but I think they are blocking me. I will also do some searches and learn what I can asap.  Many thanks.
Do you think you can help with that other data problem?  :-D
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very interesting.  I was able to use myvue.com's api.  Didn't find much for cineworld.
Thanks for that suggestion!
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Julian Hansen
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In teresting they seem to be monitoring the URL - the first URL (below) was the one I lifted the first time. That now redirects to the site. The second one works in all browsers so they might be doing some sort of checking.


Having said that - this opens the select.

Open in new window

Will keep looking.
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Hi Julian,
Thanks.  I am able to open the first click to make the venue list pop up, show.
I can't seem to click any of the items.
They have lists of UL with LIs to show each part of the menu.
I can't seem to iterate through this to click the links and go to the next list select.

I've just tested the links you mentioned and found the same thing. I can see they have an antiClickjack script running.

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