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What size screwdriver to disassemble Hard Drives?

I have a bunch of dead hard drives and want to recover the magnets.. I think that the drives use a torx  screwhead  .. what I have goes down to a T-10 is the required one a T-5 or a T-7 or some other size?
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There is no "One Size for All" or other defining feature for screwdrivers needed for HD's. Most of them use different screws with different heads & different sizes. Besides that you also get different Disk sizes (3.5" & 2.5" for example).

The best thing is to get a Universal system where you can change heads as needed.
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3.5" Seagate
As I said, get a set that has as many heads as possible. Also be aware that once you have reomved the PCB (the easy part), the screws that hold the case together are pretty tight, particularly the one that is close to the centre. Also that screw is usually completely different from the rest. But because those screws are so tight, your heads need to be hardened steel, & they need to fit as good as possible, as otherwise you'll break the screw's head and you won't be able to get a good grip after that.
unfortunately my sets only go down to T10 . off to the hardware store I guess
You could of course also just bore open the screws. Since you're going to dispose of the disks anyway, you don't need to take too much care.
Get decent torx heads.

And an adapter so you can use the 3/8" socket set ratchet to undo those tight screws.  Better than a screwdriver, better leverage and more power.

You want to save the screws where possible.

If you haven't got a jar full of computer screws pulled from dead systems then you can't really call yourself a computer technician.  Never know when you might need one.