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SQL Case Statements Evaluation


Could someone please tell me what's wrong with these case statements (see below). Please see my comments below in the 'where' clause:

select c.Id, c.first_name, c.last_name, c.email, c.phone
from customers c
where c.type = 2
and (
        when ((c.first_name like 'John%' and c.last_name like '%Christian%') or c.last_name like '%John Christian%')
            THEN 1 -- If this returns 1, I want the rest of the 'else' block below to skip, how do I do that?
        else -- This 'else' block for some reason is always running even though tht above 'THEN' returns 1
                when (c.first_name like 'John%' or c.last_name like '%Christian%')
                    then 1
                    else 0
    end = 1

Many thanks in advance.
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