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Tagging Extension / App for Chrome Bookmarks?


Have a bunch of esoteric, self-made tags that I use in reading PDFs.  

I've got them all color coded, and the software even allows titles for custom colors, so that if I forget what light green means (mechanics), I can just look at the pane to the right.  Useful.  Good.  Neat.

Is there any tagging software you all use for Chrome that would allow me to tag specific pages.

Extra functionality is welcome - tag even PASSAGES of pages?

Free or paid - all are fine as long as the end result is sortable, searchable.  Even better if extractable, but not required.

Saw some in the Chroma store, but they seem old (2014) and / or less-than privacy compliant.  Hoping to find something you all are using and feel safe with.


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