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Excel - Name cannot resemble a reference while changing column names back to A,B,C

Suddenly in my file 'Name cannot resemble a reference' is appearing, when I am trying to change column names from 123 to abc. There is no name also appearing in Name Manager (Ctrl+F3) - it's empty.

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Rob Henson
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Need more detail of what you are trying to do. What do you mean by changing column names?
Hi Sanjay,

Can you share a screenshot if possible also or blur out personal file details?

Is this happening with multiple files or just one file in particular?

That is odd that there is nothing in Name Manager.

  • What version of Excel are you using?
  • Did you initially define a name range manually, were they showing up before in Name Manager successfully or this is a fairly new file or older file?
  • So you're trying to change the name back to what it was? Are you able to choose a different name, make another for the column other than what you've specified temporarily, then change it back again? 
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OK. Here are the images. I am just trying to change these column headings from R1C1 to A1. And this is a Macro file. Additionally some internal macro is also not working because of this problem.

Image One.

User generated image
Image Two.
User generated image

My Excel version is 365 Business.
Do you have under File in the upper left >  Excel Options > Formulas section > R1C1 ref. checked or unchecked currently? Did that setting change for you perhaps?
That option is checked, that's why it's showing column as 123. When I try to change that, it shows the error I've shared in my question above.
Can you upload the file?
Yes. This one's without Macro. Even this has problems.

Graph EE.xlsx
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Rob Henson
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