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Citrix URL Monitoring automation Tool request

Citrix URL Monitoring automation Tool request
I would like to automate my Citrix NetScaler URL monitoring through any bot or simulation tool.
The tool should launch the Citrix NetScaler URL --> Login with AD User ID  -->Launch the VDI -->Give result email.
Basically,below two automated monitoring tools required.
1. Web URL (Citrix NS URL) launch Test
2. Synthetic test for VDI launch.
Please share any such tools.

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Wasim Shaikh
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The solution you are looking for is for an Enterprise/SMB?
I am sure there might be better monitoring applications available for the Citrix environment.

The tests you have mentioned might be possible using API.
I would suggest looking into Python and Citrix API to develop something with your exact requirement. Citrix Developer Docs 
I am struggling to think of anything off-hand that does this. I *think* eGinnovations might have this kind of feature but it's more for load testing.

You could try the scripts here: but they are somewhat out of date now. However it may be possible they'll still work or may need some retweeking. I haven't dissected them so I couldn't say either way, I am afraid.

Edit: Well I was a bit daft there - if I'd looked a bit harder at his site, he's actually got a much more up-to-date version of the script: 
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