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Identify file type and extraction method

I've been provided a text file that represents data being exported from a pharmacy machine that automatically dispenses medications to a patient. Can anyone tell me if they can identify the named schema for this file.  It's similar to XML, but obviously does not use the same tags.
If this is a standardized schema, are there any SQL server tools already available to parse out the elements for storing in MS SQL data tables.billable-data-example.txt
Microsoft SQL Server

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Gustav Brock
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David Johnson, CD
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A Sample data file would be appreciated.
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Can anyone tell me if they can identify the named schema for this file. 
Is it possible to attach a sample file after stripping out/replacing any confidential info in it? 

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Mel Brooks


Sorry about that.  I can't believe I didn't attach that file.  I have edited the question and included the file
it is json

get-content -Path "H:\downloads\billable-data-example.txt" | ConvertFrom-Json

patientId       : 77491e92-05fd-45eb-8375-b39f54f4xxxx
firstName       : John
lastName1       : Doe
dob             : 1958/06/19
rangeStartDate  : 2021/01/01 00:00:00
rangeEndDate    : 2021/02/01 00:00:00
administrations : {@{adminTime=2021/01/01 00:08:00; adminMethod=spencer; doses=System.Object[]}}
prescriptions   : {@{prescriptionId=c166258c-a827-47f0-b51d-1104513a3131; 
                  drugId=445cfab2-a83d-40c0-ac3d-a4c1443eddc6; prescriptionNumber=1995H5Y; 
                  prescriberName=Stanley Tatum}, 
                  drugId=b1d6c8b7-bcb3-4c6b-8800-89fece915536; prescriptionNumber=2010BB0; 
                  prescriberName=Stanley Tatum}, 
                  drugId=61996550-57de-4575-bd43-87f70d48db79; prescriptionNumber=654BH4; 
                  prescriberName=Stanley Tatum}, 
                  drugId=1935bd2c-692e-4594-8418-5907b0d90f36; prescriptionNumber=688JH7; 
                  prescriberName=Susan Strawberry}}
drugs           : {@{drugId=445cfab2-a83d-40c0-ac3d-a4c1443eddc6; din_ndc=02380838; 
                  commercialName=TEVA-LOSARTAN; genericName=Losartan Potassium Tab 25 MG; 
                  strength=25 mg}, @{drugId=b1d6c8b7-bcb3-4c6b-8800-89fece915536; din_ndc=02380684; 
                  commercialName=TARO-CANDESARTAN; genericName=Candesartan Cilexetil Tab 4 MG; 
                  strength=4 mg}, @{drugId=61996550-57de-4575-bd43-87f70d48db79; din_ndc=02381907; 
                  commercialName=AURO-CIPROFLOXACIN; genericName=Ciprofloxacin HCl Tab 250 MG (Base 
                  Equiv); strength=250 mg}, @{drugId=1935bd2c-692e-4594-8418-5907b0d90f36; 
                  din_ndc=02385961; commercialName=RANITIDINE; genericName=Ranitidine HCl Tab 300 
                  MG; strength=300 mg}}

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Mel Brooks


Well I've never worked with Json and so that's why I didn't recognize it.
I don't think the Powershell script is going to do what I want though.  I'm wanting to get the data into a datasheet format.
Either by by repeating the patient demographics and , administrations, and medication properties so that everything falls into a single table or by parsing out the data so that the Patient elements are in a table, administrations are in a table, prescriptions are in a table and drugs are in a table.
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Gustav Brock
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Mel Brooks


Wow Gustav.  Looks like you put a lot of effort into this.  If I was only dealing with Microsoft Access, then I would just modify your code and make it work in my application, but I'll be working primarily with MS SQL server.  So before I use what you have, I want to see if there is something simpler with Powershell as David initially suggested.  Here is a powershell line I used that works great to pull the root dynamics into a properly formatted csv file.  Is there anyway to pull the nested data into a csv file as well?  (for simplicity, I renamed my text file)

Get-Content C:\Temp\billable.txt | ConvertFrom-Json | Export-Csv C:\Temp\billable.csv -NoTypeInformation
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Gustav Brock
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CSV files are basically flat files, that's one of the reasons for having the Json format.

I haven't used Powershell for data handling, but it can do a lot, I'm sure, I just don't know how and if it will be enough for your case - your current structure is not the simplest.
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