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Retrieve Version Information from Exe File utilizing WMI


I am Attempting to pull Version Information from a EXE file on my Hard Drive and the "ProductVersion" doesn't match the "FileVesion"

An Example of this would be the following command :

$test = get-childitem *fileName*.exe
$test.versioninfo.fileversion = ""
$test.versioninfo.productversion = ""

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I need to pull the Productversion using nothing but a WMI query..

So far I have found the class cim_datafile which will allow me to pull using the following query

$test2 = get-wmiobject -class cim_datafile -filter "Drive='C:' AND Extension='exe' AND Path Like '%\\programdata\\testr\\%'"|? {$_.name -like "*filename*"}
$test2.version =

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This means that it is querying the "VersionInfo.FileVersion" Property above

Here is my question is there a way to pull the "ProductVersion" property using nothing but WMI??

I am trying to utilize one of my other toolsets that can only use WMI

Powershell* WMICScripting Languages

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