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I need to move folders from Source folder into 3 other folders in a "distributed even" way (Ubuntu Bash script)

I have 4 Directories


Through-out the day dozens of folders appear all containing data into DirectoryA - These folders will always have unique names......

I would like to run a script say every hour that would move all Folders (and there sub data) from DirectoryA into the other 3 Directory(B,C,D) so that there are an approximate equal amount of folders in each directory....

DirectoryA has 11 folders in it called 1-11 - All other Directories are empty.....

After script runs
Directory A is empty and
/DirectoryB has folder1, folder2. folder3, folder4       (4 folders total)
/DirectoryC has folder5, folder6. folder7, folder8       (4 folders total)
/DirectoryD folder9, folder10. folder11                        (3 folders total)

1 hour later.... (Before script is ran again)
Directoy A has 8 new folders in it - folders 12-20
/DirectoryB folder1, folder2. folder3, folder4             (4 folders total)
/DirectoryC has folder5,  folder8                               (2 folders total)
/DirectoryD Empty                                                     (0 folders total)

After Script runs
Directoy A is empty
/DirectoryB has  folder1, folder2. folder3, folder4, folder 12             (5 folders total)
/DirectoryC has folder5,  folder8,folder13,folder14                           (5 folders total)
/DirectoryD has folder15 folder16, folder17,folder18                        (4 folders total)

Not sure if i'm doing a good job of explaining  this  - just looking to distribute folders from a "source" folder into 3 other folders via a schedule.

Thanks for reading............
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Noci - Fantastic work

I'm so impressed how quickly you can work out something that takes me days on end to complete (and usually fails)

Big Thanks

Absolutely perfect!!!
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If you have a problem  try to simplyfy .. forget about files/ folders...  
If you need visualisation try with scraps of papers and try to estimate what the real question is.....
Yours: an even spread over 3 directories... so Counting all objects is essential  and how they are spread...

Then try to implement a loop that moves all object to the right place.