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Windows 10 Administrator account isn't an Administrator

I have a Windows 10 Pro box that all accounts that have Administrator privileges in Computer Management, will not install an HP printer driver.  It gives the error that the "You must be logged in as administrator or standard user to install this software".

I have created a new account and can give it admin privileges, but then the HP driver won't install.

Also, the Windows Settings App will not load.  It opens and then closes so I can't run Windows update.

I tried running the Windows Update Repair utility in Control Panel which says it fixed a corrupt catalog, but still no luck.

I would just do a clean install of the machine, but it runs a software for a dental office that is a pain to reload and is the server for that software.

Any hep is appreciated.

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Andrew Porter
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Have you tried turning off UAC - User Access Control and see if the problem persists?
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Jazz Marie Kaur
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Thanks for the ideas, but I ended up figuring out what it was.

Somehow the \Everyone group was added to the Guest Group so that permission was overriding the Admin privileges.

Never seen that before in 20+ Years of IT Experience.

Is the Settings app still not working nor updates? Glad you got it sorted out. There's always something new and unusual :) No worries! Good to know, others may run into this quite possibly one day too.
That fixed the settings issue also, I have a new issue of not being able to check for updates that I thought was associated to the same issue i'm working on now.