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officejet offline

i have a customer which has a officejet pro 8710 printer, connected by wi-fi
it works fine, but 1 or 2x per year, the printer shows offline on the laptop ( probook450 G4 ) -windows 10-64 bit
the wifi on the printer's wi-fi does not blink - it is on, and it is 2 m away from the laptop.
the only method i found is uninstalling and reinstalling the whole HP software

is there no simpler method to get this wi-fi working again?
laptop is up to date with updates 
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Does the printer have the latest firmware on it that is available on HP support site?
I would check to see if the IP address has changed on the printer.  The computer is supposed to be able to "find" it, but I've seen lots of problems with that.

My usual solution is to make a reservation for the printer in your router so that it always has the same IP address, then set up the computer to print directly to the IP address.
I agree w/ CompProbSolv - It's likely that you don't have a hard coded IP or reservation for the printer, and occassionally the IP address is changing on the network.

To confirm - next time it goes out, print out a properties sheet and check the IP address of the printer, then look at the installed printer properties port to see if it's the same or different.
Printer going offline means it can not snmp query the printer.

Odd that you choose to uninstall the drivers versus trying ping the printer to see if it reaponds.

Try power cycling the printer?
Does the printer have the latest firmware on it that is available on HP support site?
Do not upgrade the firmware, unless the release notes say that it will fix your problem. That is the only reason for upgrading printer f/w. The second one is this: the new f/w has new features you would like - and you believe in Santa Claus. Especially with HP, new f/w risks a whole suite of consumables problems.

Does the printer have a static IP address? If not, either set the printer up that way, or reserve an address on the router.

You can also try doing a factory rest on the printer, as follows (from this HP support site):
  1. Press Power button to turn the Printer On.
  2. Press BL, BL, BL, BL Buttons, in sequence. (BL stands for Bottom Left. Normally the button on the bottom left is the back arrow. And you need to do this while the front panel of the printer is on the Home screen)
  3. Touch Support Menu.
  4. Select Reset Menu and Touch OK.
  5. Select Semi-Full Reset and Touch OK.
  6. Wait for unit to Power Down/Turn Off.
  7. Press Power button to turn the Printer On.

@Andrew Porter
The problem I've experienced is that the printer will use a non-IP method for getting to the printer (WSD.... is one of them, not sure of the others).  When the IP changes, the method may or may not find the printer.
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Scott & Andrew & Dhondt : the printer is installed with the HP software - no changes, so i suppose it's on automatic, no static address   - will try the reset when i get access
printing out is not possible - customer does not know how
Arnold  i like to try that, can you post the steps / command? + it was powercycled

i would like also the correct steps to install a wifi printer with static address

HP has a config tool if not mistaken, running the rool it lo ocrats the printer on the network and you can change the config from dhcp to static.

Checking the printer properties, ports you can check whether it points to an IP or uses a place holder name.

If it is an IP, that would confirm the suggestions of others, set static or resolve the issue.
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arnold - that should be just what i want ! can you locate that tool ?
it points to IP
This is not the same tool that arnold mentioned (his sounds much more convenient), but it will get you the IP and MAC addresses of the printer if it is on your subnet:

You can also go through the menus on the printer and print a status page that will show you the current IP of the printer.

I would recommend against changing the printer to a static IP.  Rather, make a reservation for it based on its MAC address on your DHCP server (likely your router).  That will give you an IP that doesn't change when on that network but makes it easier if you change the network or move the printer to a different network.
Are you referring to HP Print & Scan Doctor tool? Or another:
Most HP WiFi printers allow you to set it up by connecting via USB.

Alternatively, if you know the printer's current IP address, you should be able to change the settings via its web interface, by browsing to its IP address.
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jazz The print and scan doctor did not help- i tried it before posting; it only told me could not finds the printer

Isinstalled, the utility for locating the printer should part of it.

In all programs there should be an hp .....
The issue might be that since it is HP drivers might be included with the os.

The person used the IP the printer got via dhcp which would explain if ip shifts the printer stops ....,
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is it possible that some phone software was installed - and caused it?
It's in the realm of possible.
All it takes is to ask,"hey, do you know who can print from their phone?" Or " does anyone know how to print something from the phone to this printer?
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thanks to everyone - all were really helping me - so i learned some things again