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Need to find out why Port 22 when opened is not working

I need to connect to an ftp website to retrieve data. It needs to work on port 22 but it is not working even with port 22 is open. We have it working at 13 other sites, but it keeps failing at one site. Hope someone can help with this problem. Same setting in the firewall at all sites.

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Kyle Abrahams, PMP
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Random things to check as I don't know the full setup:

ftp port is 21 unless you changed it.  SFTP is 22.

Could it be something to do with the certificates?

Any other devices between the firewall and host at this site?

Routing issue to the host (EG: pingable from the firewall)?

Could it be a software firewall on the host itself?
if it runs on 13 other sites, I would have the imagination, that somehing else is missing.
Have you choosen passvie FTP as active FTP possibly nees some dynamic ports?
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As @Kyle, FTP will never work with port 22.

Ports can be redirected.  Recommended to use another reserved port?  No, but it's possible.
No matter what port you're talking about, there has to be software listening to that port.  Normally port 22 is for SSH (secure shell) which is also part of SFTP.  That isn't necessarily automatically installed.
You should be looking at the full picture.
  • If the FTP server is down, then things aren't going to work.
  • If the FTP server isn't configured correctly, things aren't going to work.
  • If the firewall isn't configured right, it's not going to work.
  • If the system itself has its own firewall, and port 22 isn't open, that can be an issue.
  • If there is a connectivity issue at either end... you get the idea here.

You should start from the server, and work your way out.
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Thank you all. It is a sftp but we have it setup the same as all 13 sites but still does not work. I have a work around so thank you all.