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Why do tests created on Selenium IDE in Chrome, when attempted to run on other browsers via the Selenium-side-runner tool, do not work?

I need to research Selenium IDE, and how the plugin can enable the browser to record tests. I figured out that the plugin needs to be downloaded, and enabled, then, when recording a test, the plugin will ask you for the name of the test and the URL. Once all that information is entered, Selenium starts recording.

The test gets created on the plugin with selenium recording most of the input actions. The tests are created in the Selenese format.

Once the test has been created, the test can be saved on the plugin, then a test suited needs to be created on the plugin, and the test needs to be saved under the suite. Then, the test can be saved on the local computer, a .side file will be downloaded.

On the Selenium IDE website, there are steps shown, about downloading a tool Selenium-side-runner, using node.js, which can enable tests to run on various browsers. I downloaded the tool.

I also downloaded all the browser drivers, just like the website has indicated.


When I run the tests, the test fails. This is where is the issue is. I record the test by hitting the URL of the web app, which is hosted locally on my computer. Then, i log into the app with the creds. When I run the Command Line tool, the test will not log into the app, but will load the web app and wait for 30 seconds before throwing an error.

I have manually altered the test to include the values of the username and password, so that the command like tool can log into the app, but it does not happen.

Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks
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