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Snip and sketch freezing VMware Horizon sessions


Hi, I am managing virtual machines that are Nvidia Quadro enabled. When my clients use snip and skets or Windows photos app to do markups, it locks up and the virtual machine has to be rebooted.
  • This only affects GPU-enabled VM's in our environment.
  • Affected apps are "snip and skets", "Windows Photos app".
  • The freezing occurred when marking pictures or screenshots.
  • We have tried reaching out to Nvidia and VMware but have not had any resolutions.
  • Specs: Windows 10-PRO 20H1, 32-GB Memory 8-logical processors. Nvidia Quadro RTX, 4-GB assigned VRAM.

Does anyone know of a fix for this or a reliable alternative that can be used for markups?
One of my clients had mentioned an app called Greenshot. Does anyone know if this is a good alternative?
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what version of horizon and nvidia drivers?  i'm assuming vmware support already went through the standard "let's make sure the component versions you have are compatible"?
i have tesla cards so not an entirely fair test but i can try on mine

what about reducing resources?  perhaps 8gb or 16gb instead of 32gb and 4 cpu?

Is this Horizon ?
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  • The Nvidia driver version is 462.31. this driver came out in May. We had this issue with the older driver also. 
  • The card is an Nvidia Grid T4-8Q
  • This occurred on the lower end also. We have tried it while running with 2-GB graphics memory assigned and 4-CPU cores.
We are using Horizon. I'm not sure what card we are using. I will check with the vendor hosting the server.
Hi, I have confirmed with the vendor that the model of the graphics card is a Tesla T4. If you have any questions about the specifications, here is the Nvidia spec sheet.
The NVIDIA Tesla T4 is a supported and certified GPU for Horizon, so I would push VMware/Nvidia to solve this issue for you.
Thanks. We are working with a hosting company. They are trying to reach Nvidia and VMware about this issue.
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