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Azure AD Form for HR

I want to create a form that our HR department can use when they hire/fire people.   They could enter appropriate data in the form (from the "job info" and "contact info" sections) and update Azure AD immediately.  Just entering the basic information on the first level user detail page in Azure AD would be great.   Any thoughts from anyone?  Been thinking about the best way to accomplish (MS Forms?), but tossing this out for comments.   
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Chinmay Patel
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I would recommend using and PowerAutomate Azure AD Connector -

PowerApps will let you build a form, connect to any database of your choice (if you need to track the data outside AD), OR directly allow AD manipulation using Azure AD Connector for Power Automate and perform necessary action in Azure AD.

most customer is on-premises AD so lots of them should be also go back to on-premises

you maybe use Azure automation to send powershell back onpremises to disable or remove account

Whatever @chinmay says is correct if you want to do that using that.

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