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Cannot create system image on Windows 10 Pro computer

I purchased a used Dell T3610 workstation. The operating system is Win10. It has a built in dvd drive. I always want to perform a full image backup of any new computer when I know no disks will arrive with the computer purchase. So, as soon as I answered all the startup Win10 questions I tried to run a full system backup. I have done this before on the used Windows 7 computers I purchased. On a separate computer I formatted the 128 gig flash drive to make sure it had an NTSF format. On the Dell I started the full system image . It told me the flash drive was not an acceptable media . I had to use dvd’s. Could not use any flash device at all.

On my Windows 7 computers I was able to create system images on a flash drive. What am I missing? An advanced operating system like Windows 10 should all creation of system images to a flash drive.
  Please share your thoughts.  Thank you.

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Are you sure it wasn't due to free space restrictions? (i.e. system is more than 128GB)?
In any case, there are enough other options to create a full system image.
ONLY select create system image uncheck the others
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I always want to perform a full image backup of any new computer when I know no disks will arrive with the computer purchase.  

Why?  I always recommend wiping a machine and reloading from scratch using media obtained from Microsoft.  Do you really trust the installer not to have put some junk on it?  I don't... Indeed, I would prefer to use an entirely new hard drive (SSD) than even consider using the disks that came with it.
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I agree with leew. There is no need to make an image backup of windoze 10 systems. You can get the current version of windoze 10 directly from the m$ site. That means after the installation there will not be many updates you will have to do. A factory image will be completely out of date if you have to use it after some time, & you will be waiting for hours until it is completely up to date.
You also don't need to km w any product key, as the PC is already registered. When the installer asks you to input the key, just select "skip".
When you do image backups, use a USB HD rather than a USB stick. Hd's are much more reliable, & more likely to actually work.
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test the usb stick first on another PC, to be sure you can read/write to it.
i prefer making my images when booted from an usb stick that has the imaging tool -  all suggested tools above have that option ( make bootable media)
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Thank you all for answering promptly.  That's why I pay for this service.
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