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Need help with VirtualBox v3.2.10 - Restore vdi files

My client has a Dell 980 computer running Windows 7 pro which died. I have to restore files to another computer.
My concern is about the vdi files created by Virtualbox version 3.2.10. This is an old version of Virtualbox I have copies of the vdi files backed up to a disk drive using a 3rd party backup program (Macrium_) I need to restore these vdi files so my client has access to the data.

The manual seems to indicate I cannot just restore the vdi files and make them work on another computer. The manual says: “Do not make copies of virtual disk images. If you import such a second copy into a virtual machine, Virtualbox will complain with an error, since Virtualbox assigns a unique identifier (UUID) to each image.”

The original computer died so I did not have a chance to release any vdi files nor make any snapshots. I really need this data. What can I do to successfully get access to the vdi files once they are restored from the backup?

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