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Define/change the color for the mouse cursor in Notepad++


I recently obtained EE assistance re how to configure Notepad++ to certain colors for the background and characters, etc. I thought that was all I needed but as it turns out, there's one more thing needing attention:

How do you define/change the color for the mouse cursor and not make fomatting changes to anything else?

I don't remember what the mouse color was prior to my recent computer crash and the subsequent need to rebuild, but now I've got a dark aqua or teal background color and the mouse cursor has taken on an almost identical color. As a result, the cursor is now almost impossible to see so I just need to change it to white. However, I can't see anywhere in the Settings > Style Configurator window to change only the mouse cursor color and nothing else.

Hopefully that's a quickie answer someone can give me.

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