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Class name ambiguous in NameSpace

I'm using Visual Studio 2015.  I wanted to drag and drop OleDataAdapter from the data section of WebForm designer and didn't find it, so I Installed the System.Data.OleDb namespace using Nuget (From Console typed Install-Package ...).  Now I still don't see it in the data section of WebForm designer, and when I try to add it manually in code (System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter) I get an "ambiguous in namespace" error.  Is this because I now have two versions of this namespace?  I tried to uninstall the namespace in NuGet and still get the error.  I also looked at the list of references and only saw the namespace listed once.  Most importantly, how can I fix this error?  and Secondly, how do I get OleDataAdapter to show up under the data section in WebForm designer?
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