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SQL Try_Cast - how to gets failures only

I am using MS SQL and have i think a simple question.  I want to report all the values from a column that are not integer compliant values.  The Try_Cast will attempt to convert all values to INT and for any value that it cannot it displays null.  How can i just capture the nulls which are the failures?  

select  [ValueTest], TRY_CAST([ValueTest] AS int) as 'ConvertedValue' from [TestData] 

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  ValueTest    ConvertedValue
  ---------    ----------------
   100         100 
  -3           -3 

How can i display only the nulls?  For example, expected results:
  ValueTest    ConvertedValue
  ---------    ---------------- 

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

TryCast can also go in the WHERE clause?

select  [ValueTest]from [TestData] 
where  TRY_CAST([ValueTest] AS int) is null

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