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iPhone Connects to Microsoft Exchange Server but Email won’t Sync


I have upgrade form Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. I can Access from outside to OWA, trought Outlook, form Android; but with iphone, I have a problem. I can configure an account and add email box, make the first synchro and send and receive email, but after 02 minutes , I receive error "The connection to the server has failed".

Thanks in advanced
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Andrew Porter
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What network is the phone running on? I've seen a number of Wi-Fi networks restrict access to email like this in the ACLs.
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There no restriction on Wifi, the problem is from Wifi and Outiside ?
Kindly follow instructions in following article.

See if that resolves the issue.

Yes I have read this and flow the instructions, without sucess . I have deleted the account and added it any way.
I can connect the first time, synchronize send an email, but after 2 minutes, i recieve the error message . 
Did u try to switch from wify to mobile data and see the same behaviour.

Can u try the same on another Iphone with a lower version.

Yes  I test from wifi and mobile data. I try from multiple iphones, ipad and for differents users . any success
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Jazz Marie Kaur
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I havent test Outlook mobile app on the iphone. the concern is that all the iphones have the same problem; the connection is established the first time,  we can send emails, but 02 minutes laters we receive the message. I think that is configuration on AD or Exchange
Your Support is so needed 
Hi Imad,

Also, welcome to the Experts Exchange community, I see this is your first question! :)

  • I would highly recommend trying and installing the Outlook mobile app next for at least one user for now and testing the result. I myself and past workplaces stuck to using the Outlook mobile app more than the built-in mail apps and had transitioned to most users leveraging that instead..
  • It is odd that after 2 minutes it fails for sure quite strange.

Other thoughts aside from the Outlook mail app:

  • What about resetting the network settings on a device as a test, have you tried that? 
  • Are the mobile versions, e.g. iOS updated or behind? Are they fully updated? I would double-check that also.
  • Have the phones been powered on the whole time, did you try power cycling (off\on) simply them since the upgrade or after?
  • It could be a security setting of some kind amiss or permissions issue of some kind causing the failure maybe. Could be a config issue too as you stated. Are there any error logs you can view or pull from AD or Exchange or nothing in the server log files, I am not sure where exactly or if that is possible as I have not come across that before persist when checking Wi-Fi- and removing and re-adding an account as you've done so far.
  • I know I had helped someone in the past that might have had a similar issue on EE that I helped and participated on, I'll try to track down that also. I'll keep thinking of what else to try to resolve it as well.
  • If all else fails, Microsoft support should be able to assist, they have helped with these kinds of issues after upgrades and isolating before though response times vary.
In addition to the suggestions I left above:

  • Are all users facing the issue or only some users?
  • And they can access Outlook or the web version of Outlook fine, and it's solely mobile?

You may also want to take a look at this regarding permission settings for Exchange 2016, as an example earlier where I mentioned logs above, see in the below pages screenshots, where they looked at Event Viewer or the logs of the server, perhaps you'll find the source the same way regarding the "inherited permissions from the object" it seems to be a common dilemma mentioned for AD Sync settings overall, perhaps that is what you're encountering since you've already tried removing\re-adding the account and it fails after 2 minutes. Here are a few examples to take a look at, since I do not have the ability to share screenshots for this. Double-check permissions, it looks like others had to re-check the inheriting box or remove and re-apply permissions to correct hiccups for impacted users. 
Please examine what your logs or Event Viewer is showcasing further also from the server-side.

Thanks for you help, we have installed Microsoft Outlook and all is OK .

Awesome! Glad I could help! 
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