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Looking for a replacement for our Blackberry service for our internal Microsoft Exchange email users

We have an internal Exchange server that can only be accessed via VPN or if one of our devices is configured with Blackberry Work. Blackberry service is very spotty and difficult so we are looking for an email application that will work and replace the Blackberry service. The good thing about Blackberry work service is that it will work with our exchange server not being on the outside of our network.  My current workaround is having our users connect to our company VPN (cisco anyconnect) and then browse to our webmail url: https://mail.ourcompany.com/owa  or https://mail.ourcompany.com        There they can access email. I'm looking for a secure solution where i don't have to my exchange server public facing. Hoping for some suggestions friends.  Thanks!
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8/22/2022 - Mon