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Need to password-protect shared file links to external users in our OneDrive for Business

hello - I am noticing that while there is a password option for sharing files in OneDrive Personal, it is missing from OneDrive for Business, it seems.  Is there a way to secure shared content in the business version of OneDrive?
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Hi Jazz - thank you for your help on this.  Yeah - I did check out the KB article on sharing and securing files - problem is the option to specify a password is not present, as shown in the screenshots to see online.  So its either a glitch - or something is different between OneDrive Personal, and OneDrive for Business.  Anyway - thank you for the other information and options, and I will see if one of them works for me.
Hi Damian,

You're welcome! That's really strange its not there. I went to my personal OneDrive in the web > checked the box on a folder, do you see it not there for both individual files and folders? Clicking on "anyone with the link" typically populates the other share settings. Still it was concerning to me that the issue another EE member had with their link share and forwarding it even though it was password protected, so expiring links is beneficial also in OneDrive. Definitely look into the alternatives, I know OneDrive sharing isn't fine-tuned that's why there are a lot of competing secure sharing\cloud services. I know you could contact Microsoft further via chat to discuss what you're running into as well as last resort also on why its missing for you. Below are some screenshots, could be a version or plan issue:

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The only other thing I can think of is your OneDrive of  Office plan or version of Office may differ from one of my personal OneDrive accounts, that could be why its missing for you:

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Hi Jazz - thanks again for your response.  I actually discovered that there is some security on the shared link, in that it sends an "authorization code" to the email it was shared with, and you have to put in that code before actually gaining access with the shared content.  So that's SOME type of security which is good.  But no password field ever shows up.  could be how its designed now, in OneDrive for Business.  We do have the Enterprise 3 plan, which is pretty high up, I would think.  Anyway thank you again for your help!
No problem! No need to respond this last comment, but wanted to add to this post after further investigation: It looks like they released that verification code feature back in 2017 for OneDrive for Business.  I believe what you're seeing is accurate for OneDrive for Business plan and file sharing security-wise. I would recommend opening a ticket to Microsoft to verify if that single-use verification code is the only method over available for “Anyone with the link  & Anonymous access” selection for sharing , but yes it does appear that is how it truly differs from our OneDrive for Business and our personal accounts as of today. The "Vault" is also absent from OneDrive for Business as well.

 In my opinion, their documentation lacks to have a comprehensive side-by-side comparison so a lot of users get confused as to all of the differences between the business and personal version or which ones are truly mirrored on both sides, especially security-wise.

Adding these for anyone who comes across this post for future reference:

Aside from EE and Microsoft Support, another good resource is the OneDrive for Business Community section also to stay in the loop on upcoming announcements and changes, plus roadmap.

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That confirms it then.  Thanks again Jazz - you really earned your points for this one! :)