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Recover data from a failed S2D cluster node?

Our customer has a Win 2019 system that was removed as node 2 from a 2-node cluster.

We are hoping we can access some of the data on the disks.  The disks were part of an S2D cluster.  When we bring the server up and look at the storage system, the pool and a volume is defined.  But nothing else is, and nothing is accessible.  It all shows in a degraded state of course.

But is there a way to pull data off of those disks?

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If it was part of a 2 node cluster and using local disks to mirror the other node, all of that data should be accessible. It is likely that you cannot see the data now as the node cannot obtain a quorum and therefore cannot bring the storage back online. You can work with Microsoft documentation or Microsoft Support directly to see if you can get quorum back and bring the resources online.
restore from backup... but there are no backups.. bad customer. restore the configuration to as it was before removal and copy off the data.
I may sound rather harsh but in this day of cheap offline clud storage not having backups is a real sin.  And those that don't should be beat to death with a wet noodle.
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The data was inaccessible and could not be recovered.
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