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folder size properties issue after mass deletion

We have a windows 2008 R2 file server (VM). Users access the data via mapped drives to a file share on the server. One of our colleagues has performed a tidy up of the team directory, reducing the size of the directory (we believe) from 30 GB to 2.5 GB.
However, when other users right click the directory and view properties, it still shows size on disc as 35 GB, not the now believed to be 2.5 GB. The deletion of the 27.5 GB worth of data took place over 10 days ago.
Any idea what could be causing the conflict is file size properties between users?

What is even odder, is if I try and copy and past the directory from server A to server B, it suggests it is transferring 35 GB of data, not 2.5 GB of data. I let it run for a short while before cancelling the copy process, and then clicked properties on the new server and it still claimed size on disc was almost 8 GB, so clearly larger than the 2.5 GB other users PC’s get when looking at size properties.

Any idea what could be causing this, and how to address? Or other checks that could be performed to get to the root cause. 
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thanks Paul, yes the plan is already to migrate the data to a new server running WS2019, hence the request on teams to clear out unnecessary/unused data to assist with that work. Problem now resolved.
Look at the directory as an administrator and make sure to show hidden files to see if user accidentally (or not) only hid files instead of deleting them...