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Video card P2000 NVidia - how to test it ? It may be deffective

A discarded video card in the stores may or may not habe an issue.  

A colleague says it may have a fault and thats why its sitting on a shelf ....

Ive added it to a PC and it seems ok.

How to stress test it?

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There are different tools.

- Nvidia Inspector for getting different information about your card.
- 3dmark, FurMark for running real stress tests. The first for benchmarking it, the second for real stress. CAVEAT: The second can damage the hardware due to overheating, when the card itself is not properly powered and cooled.
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Hi, Used 3dmark  years ago ...

Is there a good reliable site to get a clean .exe from you could recomend?

Another possibility:  Bring up a copy of BOINC on your testbed system and choose a project such as Primegrid which uses graphics cards for computation.  Enable the Nvidia as a computation engine.  Run BOINC 24/7 for a week on shorter tasks such as Genefer 16.  If you see no errors in the completed tasks, the card is not faulty when it is run at the default settings.
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