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Odd formatting when printing iPhone email in desktop or online Outlook

A client of mine is having an odd problem when trying to print emails with many included replies.

If he does the reply from his iPhone, the previous message(s) get indented on the left.  (We've since deleted that feature for future replies.)  The problem is that when we print from Outlook 2010 (Windows) or from office.portal.com , the right margin is changed to the same as the indented left margin.  Eventually, the email is one character wide!

When we view the email in the Inbox, the left indenting is as expected.  The right margin stays constant throughout the entire document.  That's how we want it to print.  With print or print preview, the right margin keeps growing with each reply.

I found a solution of sorts where the indenting can be removed on the iPhone for existing email.  That's a fairly clumsy solution as it requires a set of steps for each indent.

I'm assuming that there is some sort of odd incompatibility between the iPhone indenting and how Outlook (desktop or web) formats it for printing (separate from viewing).

I've not tested whether or not the issue happens with emails where Outlook inserted the indent.  I may do that when I get access to the computer again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get Outlook 2010 to print these emails without the right-hand indent, as they show when reading?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Jazz Marie Kaur

If he does the reply from his iPhone, the previous message(s) get indented on the left. 
That is tough, I know there is the quote level feature and I believe that is what you mentioned above as a workaround manually adjusting it each time which is not ideal to correct the formatting each time.  What application are they using for their iPhone to perform reply, the built-in email app or the Outlook mobile app. Is a difference seen between one or the other? I would test and compare those two. I use the Outlook mobile app on my iPhone XR, but do not tend to print out emails nor have this year or recently, but that is what I would test or came to mind initially.

I would advise them to move away from 2010 desktop support stopped back in Oct. and you run into unusual issues now and then too. Most fellow Experts I have discussed with on EE have advised that 2010 be moved away from as well, but I don't think this issue is a result of the Outlook version in use. 

We changed the quote level so the problem will go away on future emails, but he has a number of old emails that show the problem that he'll want to print.

He's using the iPhone app.

The problem occurs with the web version of Outlook, so I'm not thinking it is an issue with 2010.
Jazz Marie Kaur

Possibly, have been seeing odd issues with 2010 and specifically W10 updates, whether they are behind or not. You could test with a trial of another Office version to rule that out perhaps or Office 365 with them. Or if you yourself are not on 2010 and have an iPhone or even Android that may be a good test also to compare the differences seen. I would try seeing if they notice any improvement or differences with the Outlook app vs the built-in mobile app Apple\iPhone app. 
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William Peck

How would this impact the web Outlook app?
Jackie Man

It is the expected outcome.

Seeing the email in Inbox is different from when you try to print it as MS Outlook makes use of MS Word engine to do the print rendering process.

The workaround is to try to open the message in a web browser by opening the message first and choose;
  • Actions-> View in Browser.

Then, print the email in the web browser.


How does this relate to the problem existing when I print it from the web version of Outlook?
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Jackie Man

How do you print in OWA?

Via the Print command via the drop down menu inside OWA UI?

Or use the Print function of the web browser?

The Print command in OWA via drop-down menu.

Closing this out... thank you for your input.
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Didn't resolve the problem; worked around it.

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