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Access form question

Another MS Access question - Please don't get exasperated, I'm trying my best learn MS Access, but some things are just not clicking.  My current problem is the following:

I have one DB where the form on load correctly maximizes (attachment 1) when the application starts, I have another DB where the code is, as far as aI can tell, the same, but the default form still doesn't maximize all the way - only on startup (attachment 2).  If I close the form and reopen it, either from the navigation pane or using a macro, it opens maximized correctly (3rd Attachment)

I know the pictures are not as helpful as the code behind them, but I am at a loss at how to get that code.  I see it in the properties windows and what I see looks the same, with one exception. other than sizing, that seems to me to make any difference.  The code to maximize the window in the one that is not maximizing correctly is saved in a macro, while the other one is not.  So the properties window looks slightly different when it comes to the onload behavior.  The one that works properly has "On Load: [Embedded Macro]" and the macro is just a maximizewindow command.  The other one has "On Load: Maximize" , where Maximize is a macro that contains the command MaximizeWindow.
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