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Need to regain control of DNS management from unknow name servers

I have a new client that has NO IT/NETWORK documentation.

They want to switch web host providers. It is at this time I realize we don't have full control over DNS management. I have access to the admin portal of Network Solutions, where we purchased the domain name, but no access to the Advanced DNS settings. It is currently configured with custom DNS servers (NS1-3.PIPEDNS.COM), I can't ID (Don't know what company/and or account to reference). I have found one possible owner of the DNS - CloudFlare.com, yet they can't ID my company. I have access to the portal of the web hosting company, with DNS access, yet no authority to switch name servers - if needed. This gives me the impression we don't have full DNS control from the web hosting company. I don't feel confident that any changes I make there will be effective.

Network Solutions, the original Registrar we purchased the domain from, gives us the ability to  'Move Name Servers to Network Solutions’ . Does this sound right? Is it possible to reclaim full DNS access by pulling the DNS management from some other unknown DNS manager? I understand a propagation of 24-36 hours, and the fact that I will have to reconfigure all our existing DNS records, but, am I safe to do this?

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8/22/2022 - Mon