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How to Set up MOCA 2.5 Modem to Give Smart TV Its Own Private Network


I am in the process of updating my LAN.  I am swapping out a Juniper Networks SSG5 firewall with a SonicWall TZ270 firewall.  I am also now using two modems with my ISP (Spectrum).  I took the coax line from the wall and split it in two, one feed goes to the Spectrum Ubee modem and is used to provide two VOiP phone lines.  The second coax cable goes to a Netgear C1100 modem and is used for internet and streaming TV.  I would like to have our primary TV - a Samsung Smart TV, be connected to the internet using wires and not wifi. To do this I have two MOCA 2.5 modems to bring the internet to the coax cable near the TV.  I thought everything was connected and ready to go, but the TV sees the modem but says it has no internet access.  

Here is the current set-up:

Coax Wal ==> Split ==> MoCA Adapter (GoCoax WF-803M) ==> CoAX to UBEE modem for phones

When I log into the MOCA interface it says it has an IP address of and is using for DNS.  The TV is assigned and is using as the gateway.  It does not see the internet.

I am wondering if there is a better way to place the first MOCA adapter.  Rather than place it in front of the cable modem, what if I place it behind either the UBEE or the NetGear C1100 modem?  

Basically, I would like the MOCA adapter to use its own private network 192.168.254.x and for the TV to be the only device on the network.  How can I accomplish this?

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Do you have admin access to Coax Wal?
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hi I have admin access to all devices on my site except Spectrum UBEE modem. do you mean coax wifi? Not sure what you mean.
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Hi Jackie, so sorry for the slow reply.  I am finally viewing this question on a monitor and not my smart phone!  There is no device upstream of the MoCA adapter.  I have the coax coming out of the wall into a simple coax splitter so one coax cable goes to my ISP modem for VoIP and the other goes into the MoCA adapter.  From the MoCA adapter a coax cable goes to my Netgear modem that is used for the internet.

If I did have access to a device, what would you want me to do?

I could switch things a little and have the coax cable from the wall go straight into the MoCA, then have the coax cable coming out of the MoCA go into the splitter so one goes to VoIP and the other to internet.  Could that possibly work?

8/29 Update: Just wanted to check in on any thoughts on next steps.
Due to persistent problems with dropped wifi, I am going to take the plunge and run a CAT6 cable from my router to my TV.  Once done, I will no longer need to use MoCA.