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Cisco UC540 with Connected 3550 Switch Problems Showing Connected Handsets

I have a Cisco UC540 which has a number of handsets connected directly to the UC540, I have a Cisco C3550 Switch connected to one of the UC540 ports, which is set as a switch in the smartports settings on the UC540.

My problems are, its only two, as below:

1. In the CCA Topology View, I see the switch, but none of the handsets connected to it, the switch is configured as one half phone ports and the other half data ports (phone being UC540 and data being our normal internal LAN), the switch has two seperate VLANS).

2. The C3550 is configured with an ntp server but simply wont sync with the correct time.

I have attached a "sh config" from the 3550, can anyone help with either of these problems?

Many thanks,

A Puzzled and P****d off Gary. :-)



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