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Install Windows 10 from scratch on a new SSD

My brother has an old HP Pavilion (product number e8b57ua#abl) laptop. He asked me to replace his current hard drive with a SSD.

I created a USB key using latest Media Creation Tool and cannot get it to install (retried multiple times).

I already have an old USB key containing an older version of the Media Creation tool and have been able to install the OS. It appears to be version 1607 (build 14393.2214).

Now I am running Windows Update and it always fails when trying to run "Windows 10, version 20H2" with error 0x80004005.

One thing I don't get is that his current hard disk has version 20H2 so I guess his computer supports it!

I have already search for that issue and tried many things. There are no external peripherals attached. The device manager does not show any missing drivers. I even tried to install on another hard drive I have home and it fails exactly at the same place.

It looks like it may be a drivers already installed on his old hard drive that is not getting automatically installed from the new setup package.

Any ideas that would let me fully patch the SSD installation?
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That error means the internet connection was disrupted during the install. Are you having any connectivity issues?
I would try downloading the 20H2 and putting it on a USB drive then run setup from within windows from the USB drive.
I have had a lot of issues updating to 20H2 using windows update and the one way that always seems to work is running it from the USB drive.
So basically create the 20H2 media
with windows running insert the USB drive into the laptop.
open the folder and run setup.exe
go through the update steps (takes a while) 
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@William, no issues with my internet connection. I have tried both Wired and wi-fi connection.

@Robert, where can I download 20H2 from?
I just used the media creation tool to download it.
You could also just mount the ISO after it downloads instead of writing to USB drive.

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@rindi, same issues when I tried 21H1. Yes already tried 2 USB sticks. I cannot plug both the old hard drive and the new SSD at the same time as I only have one connector. 
Have you checked that the BIOS is up-to-date? Reset the BIOS to defaults? Maybe also replaced the CMOS battery? At what point does the installation fail? Does the USB stick boot?
Yes I have updated the bios. I don't have a CMOS battery handy (how can I know if it is dead?). Yes the USB stick boots (it correctly booted up when the SSD was completely new and the laptop had nothing else to boot).
The battery's state can be measured with a Voltmeter (Multimeter). Most Mainboards use a CR2032 Battery, & a good battery should have 3.2 Volts. If it gets lower than 3 Volts it can cause issues.
When booting from and installing 21H1, what happened?
I created a USB key using latest Media Creation Tool and cannot get it to install (retried multiple times).
This is very vague.  What exactly is the error?
Try creating the media on another system (redownload the tool)
Try using the media you created to install on another system
the error is always 0x80004005.

I have already tried creating the media on another computer. I don't have another PC to test it on.

I have been able to get a step further. I have downloaded the 1909 version, cut the Internet connection and been able to install it. The Windows Updates are now running but not completed yet.

Maybe going from 1607 to current was a bit too much!

you can also make an image of the old disk, and put it on the SSD
you can use any of the freewares for this - and first make a bootable cd/usb key            AOMEI      PARAGON Free image soft
then just put your ssd in the laptop and boot up
I have finally been able to get to 21H1. I don't know if updating using Windows Updates alone from 1607 was a step to high but what I have done was to download the 1907 version, cut the internet connection (as suggested here above - don't know if it is required) and it installed correctly. I was then able to run Windows updates multiple times and I am now fully patch to the current 21H1.

Thanks all