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MS Access. Using Instr to get the Suite part of an address

I need to split out an address with the the number and street in the 1st column and the Suite part in the 2nd column.  

The address is 2253 INDIAN RIVER RD STE 360  
I got it to work for the 1st column using: IIf([Address_1_2] Like "*STE*",Left([Address_1_2],InStr([Address_1_2],"STE")-1),[Address_1_2]).  The result was: 2253 INDIAN RIVER RD 
But I can't figure out how to get the 2nd part of the address: STE 360  
I tried using MID, but either it would not work or it would not include STE.

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Just use Right() for the rest.
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It did not work.  I substituted Right - If([Address_1_2] Like "*STE*",Right([Address_1_2],InStr([Address_1_2],"STE")-1),[Address_1_2]).  The result was: NDIAN RIVER RD STE 360 
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