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Getting correct find position for a String search in text.

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The code finds the String that it's asked to look for within text read-in from a file.

But when trying to find the position of that String, it over-reports it by the length of the String. This may have something to do with line feeds etc ? But if it does, then how can this be put right?

I'm using a text from novel "Pride and Prejudice" at the moment, which is read in char by char. In the method that builds the proposed found String, the var 'total' should give the number of characters processed. If the String is found in the text, then it should state its position (end) based on this 'total' variable.

If the term being searched for is at the start of the text, then it does find the correct position. But if there is another occurrence of the search term later in the text, then it overreports the position.

Here's the code :

import ;
import ;
import ;
import java.util.Iterator ;
import java.util.Set ;
import java.util.Map ;
import java.util.HashMap ;
import java.util.HashSet ;
import java.util.Scanner ;

class CountChars {

static StringBuilder strb = new StringBuilder();
static int total = 0;

static String SOUGHT;
        public static void main (String[] args){
        Scanner scanner = new Scanner( ;
        System.out.println("\n\nInput your search . . . \n") ;
        String fromConsole = scanner.nextLine() ;
        SOUGHT = fromConsole.toString() ;
            File file = new File("C:/EE_Q_CODE/PrideAndPrejudice.txt");
            //File file = new File("C:/EE_Q_CODE/TheBible.txt");
            //File file = new File("C:/EE_Q_CODE/WarAndPeace.txt");
            //File file = new File("C:/EE_Q_CODE/Leviathan.txt");
            FileReader fr = new FileReader(file);
            BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);      
            Set <Integer> chS = new HashSet<>();
            Map <Character, Integer> count = new HashMap<>();
            int c;
            while(! ((c=({
                int i = count.get((char)c);
            Iterator it = chS.iterator();
            while(it.hasNext()){System.out.print((char)(((Integer)" ");}
            System.out.println("\nTotal characters processed : "+total);
                /* Alternative output method. (I prefer forEach below).
                count.entrySet().stream().forEach(e -> {
                    System.out.format("key: %s, value: %d%n", e.getKey(), e.getValue());
            count.forEach((k, v) -> { System.out.format("key: %s, value: %d%n ", k, v); });
            }catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();} 
            SOUGHT = null;
            fromConsole = null;
        static void builder(int ch){
            int len = strb.length();
                if ((char)ch==SOUGHT.charAt(len)&&SOUGHT.charAt(len-1)==strb.charAt(len-1)){strb.append((char)ch);}
                if(strb.toString().equals(SOUGHT)){System.out.printf("%n\"%s\"%s%d%n",SOUGHT," <<< found at position ",total);strb.delete(0,strb.length());}

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builder() is the method thatdoes the searching and reports the position - (and the String).
Any ideas on how to iron this out ? Thanks.
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