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documenting findings from fixing computers

do you all document errors from the past and how you resolved them so if it turns up in the future you can see how you resolved it ?

what software do you all use to document these things ?
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Karen Falandays
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An Excel spreadsheet would be a great way to start. Just keep everything organized by column, one row per entry. If your database grows, you can port it to a program like Access for more flexibility

Simple notes do this.

My approach is to use a text file for every client/project... from day 1... using vi or any other text editor for entries...

These files contain dated notes + many times the exact list of command line commands run.

Some files... spanning many years... are 50K+ lines long...

This means at any point I can pick a client/project, pull up the notes, look at the date, know what was done + reason for approach taken.

Also, these files live in a single directory, so a simple grep or search command can find entries by keyword/keyphrase.

Dirt simple.

Highly convenient.
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William Fulks
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i make notes like this in pure txt in a folder called repairs : i print this and give it to the customer
Name : 
Tel  456456456
mail :

type /model  of pc  laptop HP Mini 2140
Cpu Atom
ram = PC2 - 6400S  ==>1 Gb
Disk : Hitachi 160 Gb ==>5400 RPM

in Date 23 oktober 2015
Problem  description /to do   - eg no backup - reinstall OS + drivers + softwares
other problems found :
repair details :

*****sometimes i add notes for myself only that are not printed
If you have a larger organization or multiple IT people, a ticketing system such as Freshdesk would be much more useful.

You can also try RT

There's plenty of others out there.