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The "My Computer" icon does not stick to a predefined position on the desktop

The "My Computer" icon does not stick to a predefined position on the desktop and jumps into the top left corner at each desktop refresh or the computer reboot. All the other icons behave properly. Windows 10 Pro.

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Check your settings, right click on display to see what you have, wetter you gave it auto-arrange there is a desktop icon tool if that is what you are after, that manages those.

It sounds as though your settings are to auto arrange icons....
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Bill Prew

As mentioned, if you right click on the Desktop area, what options do you have selected for controlling icon display and placement there?

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Vitaly - if the above does not help - you can try a system restore to an earlier date - when it was ok
SYSTEM RESTORE WINDOWS 10: Restore your PC to an earlier time and date - YouTube 
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The "Auto Arrange" was unchecked (obviously, as most icons were in places that selected for them). It looks like "My Computer" is the only icon in the "Auto Arrange" mode. As an experiment, I turned the "Auto Arrange" mode on, moved a few icons, including "My Computer" to some new arbitrary places and then refreshed the desktop. "My Computer" was the only icon that jumped back into the crowd while all the other moved icons stayed in their new places.  

Where in the system is the information on the desktop stored? I tried to restore the C:\Users\[My User Name]\Desktop folder, but that did not change my current (disorganized after "Auto Arrange") view. Restoring the whole system is highly undesirable as there were recent changes that I do not want to lose.


Check whethe  the position is locked within start menu settings....
I still could not make the "My Computer" icon to stay where I want. Thank you everybody for your willingness to help. Unfortunately, my system is too complex to roll it back to a previous state because of a single icon position.
See above.
uncheck also "auto arrange to grid"
That was unchecked as one of the first steps. Thank you.
is this a recent problem ?
did it happen after updates ( windows) ?
or after software install ?
you can always check the event log for more info
It started to misbehave once I have created the icon. 
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Joe Winograd
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