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How do I safely clean up an infected computer

We have a computer that was behaving suspiciously.  We disconnected it from the network and from the internet and loaded Emsisoft and Malwarebytes offline versions.  Emsisoft found 2 instances of malware and 1 pup, which were supposedly quarantined.  We then ran Malwarebytes which, after a 55 hour run, found 10 instances: 3 of malware and 7 of pups.  Before we had a chance to quarantine the items, Malwarebytes completed the scan and moved the findings to a log without quarantining or deleting the items. Two questions:

  1. How should we go about cleaning the items Malwarebytes found?  Should we just navigate to the files and delete them?  Should we right click on them & do a Malwarebytes scan and allow Malwarebytes to deal with them?
  1. Once we have cleaned the Malwarebytes items, is there still room for concern and if so what should be done next?
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In industry if a machine is compromised then that machine can no longer be trusted.  Wipe and reinstall from known good backup.

A clean install is warrented. If you install Malwaarebytes then you should be able to go into its detection history  are you sure it didn't remove anything into the quarantine?

PUPS are potentially unwanted programs.  you might want to keep bongo bunny and exclude it
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Once you've been infected, reload the system. This is the safest thing you can do right now.
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I agree with the above.  Polymorphic viruses are exceedingly clever and can hide for months, then pop up for no apparent reason.

Back up any user files to an external drive.  Then erase the drive using a product such as Darik's Boot and Nuke.  This ensures that there is nowhere to hide and the infection cannot reload.

Reinstall Windows.  Bring it up to date.  Reinstall the application software.  Then make a full image backup of the system so that if this happens again, the reinstall can be accomplished rapidly.
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The machine has legacy data and programs which I couldn't reproduce at this time. I can't afford to nuke it and lose that particular old Access application. I will keep the machine off the network so no other machines are affected and will simply run a certain program on it and copy a data file to it and copy a modified data file from it.
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Another option, if you can, is to reinstall the computer and all of the software, and restore only configuration files and non executable data that has been scanned and cleaned.
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Have you tried the obvious ?

Go back to a restore point that predates the suspicious behaviour.
This will most likely provide a 100% quick fix.
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Unfortunately although I have multiple restore points, I am not aware of any that predate the suspicious behavior

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